The Best Slots With No Deposit Welcome Bonuses in 2019

Best Real Money Slots With Welcome Bonuses in 2019

Welcome Bonuses in 2019

Nothing can sweeten up a gaming experience more than free money, wouldn’t you agree? Casinos know this — they’ve done their homework. They’ve also noticed that people love but really love slots!

And why wouldn’t they? Slot machines have kept their popularity even when they took up their online incarnation. Maybe it’s that shiny, Vegas-like experience they offer, or maybe just the fact that winning is within anyone’s reach. If people could understand the hypnotic lure of the online slot, they would bottle it and sell it straight up! Whatever the exact reason, people generally don’t need enticing to play slots if they want to. But if there’s a Free Spins No Deposit bonus involved to welcome you into that online casino, they become truly irresistible!

So before you have a deposit-required situation, casinos will make sure to give you No Deposit bonus codes for some game they have. It has become a gaming standard online because there seems to be an endless array of online casinos. They have to compete somehow, and before they can demonstrate that they’re the best around, they have to attract players in some way. The best, easiest, and the most common way they do that is with Welcome or Sign-Up bonuses. Their gaming libraries are vast, and quite often, there will be some Sign-Up bonus for some of the most popular games if not all of them.

The best thing about the whole concept is that you essentially get free credits from the casino that you can then turn into real money! The most popular Real Money casinos will have Real Money slots with sign-up bonuses. The procedure to take advantage of such an offer is very straightforward. To access the Welcome Bonus, you just have to register as a player and claim it by using the bonus code they provide. 

This is a great way to try out Real Money slots. Unlike just playing free slots, there’s no way you could ever pick up your winnings — you play for free, you stop playing for free. However, getting a free Sign-Up bonus means you play for free, you stop playing when you win money!

Now, that’s not to say you can just grab the cash and dash. Casinos may be generous, but they’re not naive. Most welcome bonuses will have certain wagering requirements attached to them. This means you can’t just play through the free cash and go with whatever the surplus ends up being; casinos would go bankrupt if everyone just did that! What you can do is subsequently deposit the cash needed in order to meet the requirements and cash out your winnings in the end. 

Still,  a No Deposit casino bonus is the most coveted of all. You might not be as happy about that part as you are about the free part, but you have to admit it’s fair enough that they do that.

You’ll  want to make sure that those payout requirements aren’t too strict and don’t take too long because that can make an otherwise experience rather sour. This is why it’s important to know which casinos offer the best bonuses for your favorite slot games.

Slot games will have several types of sign-up bonuses that entail having free cash to play with, and we have a list of the best ones in 2019. But first, we’ll let you know what types of bonuses exist that do nor require a registration deposit. Then, we’ll share our list of the best slots out there that let you have generous welcome bonuses on the sites that host them. We’ve also made sure that the sites that are home to these slots are USA friendly because there’s nothing worse than not being eligible for a good free bonus.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

Casinos want to cater to the needs of different players to make everyone feel welcome and choose their casino again and again. We’re going to showcase the most typical welcome bonus variations around so you can choose whichever one speaks to your soul the most. 

Note that all of these have wagering requirements that you must respect lest you incur a penalty for trying to cash out early. You could lose all that you’ve won or at least part of it as punishment for not respecting the rules. So just follow the directions written in the terms and conditions of the bonus offered, and you should be good to go!

With that in mind, here are the bonus types:

Free Spins

Free Spins

This is the holy grail of every slot enthusiast. This type of No Deposit bonus can go a long way even though you usually get it just once. You can access Free Spins again at a certain casino, but that’s no longer a part of the Sign-Up bonus, and those are the ones we’re focusing on now.

Depending on the casinos and their primary focus, the number of Free Spins you get upon signing up can differ. For example, if the casino is extremely diversified, with countless specialty games and an inconceivable number of card game variations, they may offer a No Deposit cash bonus with some Free Spins attached. Generally, Free Spins tend to be attached to other bonuses, like Match Bonuses, but this isn’t necessarily part of the welcome offer.

Now, if a casino is really focused on slots and they have a bountiful selection of those, with a modest selection of other games, then it’s a different story. Those types of casinos will more likely offer 100 or more Free Spins right off the bat.

Finally, some of these Free Spins can be linked to new or popular slot games that top online casinos want you to try out. It’s a way to show they’re confident in their game selection, and they want to welcome you through that one excellent game.

Cash Bonuses

Cash Bonuses

The difference between this and the previous Free-Spins-cash is that this can be applied to any game you like (or certainly, more than one). Free Spins are only good for slots, but cash bonuses are usually good for slots, table games, and other games of chance. Of course, if slots are your poison, you’ll use the bonus for them.

Free Chips

Free Chips

These can be given as a sign-up bonus in casinos that specialize in Live Dealer games. This refers to games like baccarat, roulette, and so on. Free chips cannot be applied to slots.

Time-Sensitive Promotions

Sometimes, a special promotion will be in place, and it can be a way for a casino to welcome you onboard. If you make it online at that time, you can get those free spins or bonuses in general the moment you sign up. They tend to be time-sensitive though, so you’ll need to play through them before the time expires. 

Slot Tournament Bonuses

You can also enter tournaments and get a welcome bonus for those. The idea is to create a community where slot players can come together and have fun while playing to win. The idea is that you get free money from the casino, but you have to use it in a pre-set amount of time — as long as the tournament lasts! So this gives an extra boost to the gameplay, making it even more exciting. The tournament winner also gets some sort of extra reward added to their winnings, so they’re very popular for a reason.

Upon Request

Some casinos seem a bit stingy or like they’re “playing hard to get” with their bonuses. While there will surely be some welcome bonus in place, no one can stop you from being proactive and asking for more! If you email some casinos, like BoVegas, you can ask for a No Deposit bonus, and if you’re a new player, they will oblige. This is the Secret Starbucks Menu of Sign-Up bonuses — you have to know to ask for it!

Now that we’re illuminated you on the subject of all the awesome free money you could be getting, feast your eyes on our list.

List of Real Money Slots With Free Welcome Bonus

Why They’re the Best for the U.S. Player

The USA-based gambler can safely access all the slots on our list because the casinos that host them are open to players from the USA!

This sounds like common sense, but you really do want to go where you’re welcome and where your gaming is safe. Because of the laws regarding online gambling in the USA being as tight as they are, playing offshore can be tricky. And while there are no horror stories regarding the player suffering serious consequences, no one wants to be that tragic first.

The slots we’ve mentioned are not only popular, but they are created by software developers that work with U.S.-friendly casinos. Gaming providers such as RTG and Rival make some of the most creative slots around, and you can find them at the most inclusive casinos online.

So playing at the right place is crucial, no matter the slot in question. For those based in the USA, we specifically suggest platforms such as Exclusive Casino, BoVegas Casino, and FreeSpin Casino. They all have fully stocked slot-vaults and offer enticing Welcome Bonuses for the truly committed players.

Another reason these slots made it into the best-of-the-best 2019 list in our books is that the casinos that offer them have good security. They also offer some form of cryptocurrency withdrawal and deposit methods, which is viewed upon differently than fiat cash in American law. This makes playing at casinos like these extra safe, and a headache is the last thing you want while you’re trying to have fun and win money.

Mind the Wagering Requirements

We can’t stress enough that you need to honor this “free cash” you’ve been given by playing through it. You do not want to cash out early as this is in violation of the rules. Quite frankly, it’s not playing fair.

The terms and conditions are laid out for you for this reason. The casino will stick to their part of the bargain if you stick to yours. There has to be mutual trust for these exchanges to work.

So take it from us and be a good sport. 

Give the Sign-Up Bonus a Go!

This is perhaps like flogging a dead horse, but we do want to point out why you should never say no to a No Deposit bonus. 

It’s a fact that there are wagering requirements, yes. Sometimes, you wish those requirements weren’t as demanding, true. On occasion, you look at those terms and conditions page, and you wonder what illegal substance the person who wrote it was on, we get it!

But the end-all, be-all fact is — it’s free (potential) money! And who doesn’t love free money? Even though slots are a game of chance and you might not manage to meet the payout requirements, you’ll still have more chances for that than if you were just using your own money. It’s free cash that is up to you to use as well as you can. 

To Sum It Up

A good sign-up bonus always hits the spot in our book! It’s like free candy on Halloween, you don’t say no to it!

Do your own research if you choose or rely on the comprehensive list we’ve come up with for you. Pick your bonus according to your affinity — many Free Spins are your thing, or fixed cash is perfect for the freedom it allows. Maybe you’re an extra proactive player, and you even get free credit on demand. The sky’s the limit, so don’t be shy. 

Remember that casinos want to give you this free cash because it means you’ll give their establishment a chance. And you want to take it because it potentially increases your chances of winning over time. Of course, if you do win, you’ll really stay loyal to the establishment, so it’s a very constructive tit-for-tat scheme.

Finally, do remember that slots are a game of chance, and even an unlimited number of free spins will not guarantee you come out a winner. Statistics are a sweet dream; the reality is a cold, dead cat.

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